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Elevate Your Well-Being with Expert Assisted Stretching!

Why we

Improves Sports Performance

No matter what your sport of choice is (pickleball, golf, soccer, basketball, etc.) stretching will help you unlock your full potential and lower your risk of injury.

reduce muscle and joint pain

 Stretching helps relax and lengthen muscles, reducing tension and stress on the joints. This is particularly beneficial for joints that are commonly affected by muscle tightness, such as those in the neck, shoulders, hips and lower back.

Improves Posture

Poor posture can contribute to joint pain, especially in the spine, hips, and knees. Stretching exercises that target muscles responsible for maintaining good posture can help alleviate joint pain by promoting proper alignment and reducing unnecessary stress on joints.

Prevents Muscle Imbalances

Muscle imbalances, where certain muscles are stronger or tighter than their counterparts, can contribute to joint pain. Stretching helps address these imbalances, promoting a more even distribution of forces around the joints.

What to expect at your first stretch:

Your Stretching Specialist will greet you and discuss your current flexibility level, fitness/movement goals and injury history. Your 20 minute personalized stretch will then be performed on our stretching table using a variety of stretching techniques including foam rolling, static, dynamic and PNF. The stretches will not be painful and your Stretching Specialist will be in communication with you about your comfort level the entire session. It is best to wear comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion. Your session will end with your Stretching Specialist suggesting a few stretches that you can do at home to maintain your new found flexibility until your next visit! 

First stretch for $15!

Pricing Options:

1 on 1 Stretching Session
(1 Session)


1 on 1 stretching session
(4 Pack)


1 on 1 stretching session
(10 pack)



This depends on each individual and their goals/current issues but we recommend doing some form of stretching daily. Your stretching specialist will recommend stretches that can be performed at home to maintain and increase your flexibility in between your assisted stretching appointments. 

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