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Our Small Group classes are the most efficient 30 minutes you can spend in the gym!

Premier small Group Training & Private Gym | Glendale, AZ

Are you tired of.....

1. Overcrowded, Dirty Gyms

2. Huge classes with 30+ people

3. unsanitized sweaty equipment

4. Not knowing how to use the equipment

5. Not having a program tailored to YOUR needs

green zone is an intimidation-free small group training gym that caters to all fitness levels and ages!

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*10% off for First Responders, Nurses, Teachers & Military!

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6 month unlimited class pass


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come join us!

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Group Fitness and Private Gym

Green Zone Fitness is your premier small group training studio and private gym! You can have access to the gym 24/7 along with your choice of personal training or over 60 group classes per week including high intensity interval training classes and yoga. Working up a sweat or headed to the shower? We've got you covered with our complimentary towel service!


For years, I said I was going to work out for strength, toning, and overall balance coordination. I did so sporadically and often became bored with the routines either at the gym by myself or with a personal trainer. I finally made a personal commitment to find the right trainer who could help me become accountable. I would never have continued my workouts if not for Green Zone. Ryan is encouraging, experienced, and committed to helping me achieve my goals. Workouts are not boring. He creates a variety of customized plans to avoid any injuries and he is well aware of any limitations because he listens and is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I would recommend Green Zone to anyone who wants a new outlook on their overall physical fitness.
– Jan S.

I have known Sara for some time and have observed her transformation both physically and in lifestyle, and realized that I wanted to be like her, taking care of myself and feeling good physically, as well as emotionally and looking good too. I have to be honest, I love to look great and so working with Sara has been life-changing. When your life partner wants to eat meat and has chosen a different health path, it's easy to follow. Their program has given me the discipline to eat well, find new foods to expand my menu and keep me on track with easy workouts, which, for now, is what I can handle. Sara's approach has been to customize a plan that is sustainable. She is awesome and I am grateful for the work we are doing together!
– Barbara T.

I am 57 years old. I felt tired, weak, and overweight. Sara helped me increase my energy and strength with her suggested workouts. Also, her meal plans have not only been beneficial to reduce weight & gain muscle tone, and they are also delicious. I feel so much better. Sara is great to work with, and has been an inspiration and blessing to me!
– Anne D.

The Green Zone has improved my life! I've learned to put my health and working out first. Working out has become such a natural part of my routine. Ryan holds me accountable and I appreciate how he encourages and pushes me to be my best. He's amazing at what he does!
– Ashley T.

Sara and Ryan are true professionals and take their business of improving client's health/lives/happiness/satisfaction to a new level. I wouldn't have reached my goal of losing 30 pounds without them. I feel healthy and light and feel confident that I'll keep the weight off because I have a real solid plan which has helped me create new habits where bad ones held me back. They are amazing people to work with.
– Mike R.

I’ve never been consistent enough to reach my fitness goals until working with Green Zone! Ryan and Sara are both awesome trainers but even more so awesome people! Always on time, always professional, and always worth it! If you’re serious about setting and exceeding goals they will not let you down!
– Adam S.

Extremely knowledgeable and friendly trainers! The app is a helpful resource for training. Reasonable prices make them a great value. The programs feel very personalized to cater to my fitness goals! Highly recommend giving them a try!
– Jared S.

This is real personal and I don’t usually post personal things, but as my friend told me, this is great! Started my new gym, Green Zone, 1 month ago and I just received my 1 month comparison results from the FIT3D body scanner: Body Fat -2.1%, Weight -2.1lbs, Fat Mass, -4.2, Lean Mass +2.1, Waist -3”. These results are from hard work and great certified trainers who give personalized instruction and nutrition. Thank you Ryan and Sara for all you do for your gym members! You are truly amazing and I appreciate you both. – Linda S.

Ryan and Sara have been so instrumental in helping me control my weight and adopt a lifestyle of healthy eating. Every program is designed specifically for the individual and their goals. It can be done online, with the Green Zone staff always available to help and answer questions. Ryan and Sara do an amazing job of motivating clients when they need it most. That is why I have been with Green Zone for so long. The Green Zone Fitness studio is now open, and you can't beat their group workouts. Personally, I like to go to the 30 minute high intensity training. This group training is done in small groups (5 or less), and everyone works out at a different station simultaneously before moving to the next. During this class, the trainer is there to instruct, assist and motivate everyone. For me, it's just like getting personal training without the price of 1-on-1 personal training. As someone that cannot afford a 1-on-1 personal trainer, I feel the prices at Green Zone beyond reasonable. I would like to add that I was not asked for this review, and I am not receiving any compensation for this review. I am always so impressed by Ryan and Sara, and their amazing wealth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition, and I really want people to know that there is affordable quality training out there. Try them out with 1 no obligation class. I know you're gonna love it. – Scott J.

Love, love, LOVE the space and it’s wonderful owners, Ryan & Sara! Such an awesome setting to work out, do yoga, have childcare, and create community. - Teri U.

Green Zone is by far the most amazing and best gym in Phoenix. I have worked out at many gyms over the past 20 years, some big box and some smaller establishments. I am finally getting what I have wanted and needed, real certified trainers who give you individual attention and help to push you to achieve your goals. There is less risk for an injury when you have a true professional guiding you through your 30 minute workout. It is never easy, but always satisfying. In the recent past I had paid so much more and had received so much less. I would recommend Green Zone to anyone who is truly interested in a great workout being led by the most caring and professional trainers. – Linda S.

You guys are awesome. I just had the best sleep in a very long time. No melatonin while
attending here! 4 days of true training. I was unaware of muscles that were in my body. Yes, I am sore but it feels good to know it is all normal. I can’t wait for Monday! Thank you Green Zone. So thankful for finding you. – Julie S.

Seriously though, thank you guys. The first time I walked into Green Zone I was absolutely broken from just having a miscarriage with zero motivation to even live. You guys gave me a safe place to be myself. You gave me a place to come and be myself. You gave me a place to come and get stronger, and not just physically but emotionally. You guys have made me feel
important and not like I am just another dollar (like other gyms). I am so appreciative of the space you have created because it truly is a sanctuary for anyone who wants to better themselves. I have learned so much in just 3 months and you both (and the staff) have been a huge support along the way. Thank you for creating Green Zone and bringing it to Glendale! – Ashley S.

This place is amazing and the coaches totally rock. Coach Sara, Ryan, and Nate are amazing and take time to actually help you be successful. This isn’t just some gym and you can actually see the results as long as you stay consistent. The coaches help guide you thru workouts and also ensure to help provide modifications for different fitness levels. I’ve been going here almost 7 weeks and I have already lost inches as well as 18.5lbs. If you’re looking for coaches that care about your health and safety this is the place. I can’t wait for my transformation in the next year. – Yolanda P.

Great staff super clean and safe. Lots of cleaner available. Equipment gets wiped cleaned after
every use. Classes are small so safe distances can be maintained. Best gym ever. It's like having a personal trainer every time you go in. – Brian

I just started group training classes last week. The gym is clean and open (plenty of space to
work out). Ryan and Sara are great to work with. I've taken both the fit30 and ultimate cardio and abs. I recommend both, they really kick my butt! – Elise H.

I have found a gem!! This fitness studio offers so much more than your average gym. These
trainers go above and beyond to help push you to your goals. They keep track of your injuries and know your limitations. Meanwhile pushing you to the next level. If you are looking for the uniqueness of a smaller, more private place with expert trainers, look no further. Go and try a free class and you will be hooked. – Julie S.

Great workout at a nice gym with good  trainers. Definitely recommend joining them – Myles B.

Trying back to back classes was amazing! Some abs and cardio and then weight training is
exactly what the Doctor recommended. One hour for both and you are done for the day.
Looking so forward to yoga tonight. If you haven’t tried this place, run don’t walk! – Cheryl L.

I truly love the coaches and the environment and the classes and it’s what really makes the
difference for me to be committed because I enjoy coming in every day and look forward to my workouts. - Tim A.


FIT30 Classes

This 30-minute Functional Interval Training (F.I.T.) Group Training class is a unique blend of strength training and cardio exercises that are engaging and designed for all levels of fitness. These high-calorie burn classes emphasize functional strength training and cardio performed in a variety of circuit styles. This class allows you to achieve maximum results in minimal time! Your trainer will provide variations for each exercise to make them more or less challenging. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can feel comfortable coming to class to push yourself to levels you never thought possible! CLICK HERE for more FIT30 details.

corefit Classes

This 30-minute small group training class uses a High Intensity Interval Training style to combine high energy bursts of cardiovascular work on spin bikes with core engaging exercises. This class is designed to challenge your CORE while burning a maximum amount of calories in only 30 minutes! Your trainer will provide variations for each exercise to make them more or less challenging. Feel confident that you are doing your exercises correctly so you can get the most out of your workout!

Stretching, Rolling and Recovery

Our bodies take a beating, not only from daily workouts but from hours of sitting at a desk or typing at a computer. Lack of adequate recovery after workouts and prolonged sitting can lead to injuries, pain and poor posture. Come in up to 15 minutes before class or stay 15 minutes after to utilize our foam rollers, stretching straps and other recovery tools. Your trainer will show you specific recovery strategies to help correct your injuries or nagging pains. We also offer 20 minute 1 on 1 assisted stretching sessions that are tailored to meet your individual needs and enhance your flexibility.

More than
just a Gym

A Community dedicated to your fitness

Our Green Zone fam helps provide each other with motivation, accountability and camaraderie, which creates an environment where members push each other to excel, share knowledge and celebrate collective successes. This positive environment encourages consistency, commitment and overall well-being throughout your entire fitness journey!

Advanced Technology

Green Zone Fitness has the latest 3D Body Composition Testing and Group Heart Rate Monitoring Technology (coming soon!) to provide an interactive approach for our members to compete and stay engaged in their fitness journey. You will use this technology in all classes and any time you utilize the facility! You can also utilize this technology to sign up for your membership and classes, renew packages and compete in gym-wide fitness challenges!


We’re committed to a healthier lifestyle that includes a healthier planet. Our gym uses energy-saving methods such as energy efficient workout equipment (cardio machines), energy efficient lighting (LEDs, motion detectors), hand dryers in locker rooms, free towel service and biodegradable cups and materials to help keep our carbon footprint as minimal as possible.

Everything you need to reach
your goals

private personal training

Personal training at Green Zone Fitness is completely customizable to every fitness level and goal. Our certified and experienced personal trainers are able to eliminate all distractions and focus on YOU! 

For more information about personal training CLICK HERE

24-Hour Gym Access

You can have full access to Green Zone Fitness gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outside of class hours, your key card will allow you to take advantage of all weight-training equipment, cardio machines, the grass/turf area, TRXs, kettlebells, stability balls and Bosu trainers.

all classes are kept small to ensure personalized attention and creative workouts!

Monthly Class Pass Pricing:

*10% off for First Responders, Nurses, Teachers & Military!

Month to month
Unlimited Class Pass


6 Month unlimited Class Pass


12 month unlimited class pass


other pricing options:

private gym access
(outside of class hours)


Drop In Class


Add a Family Member

50% OFF!

First Class Free
(Az residents only)


3 Week unlimited class trial
(az residents only)


The best small group training in glendale!

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We are passionate about and committed to this lifestyle and are here to help people live their best lives through nutrition and exercise. We work with all fitness levels. No matter what your goal, we can help you achieve it!

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us with any comments or questions!