Class Schedule

We are so excited to have you join a community where people come together to fulfill their health and fitness goals by working with experienced personal trainers through a variety of results driven, FUN classes! Below is our grand opening class schedule. You will have 50+ classes to choose from including our signature FIT30, Ultimate Cardio & Ab Sculpting, Yoga and Stretching Rolling & Recovery.

Our GYM ACCESS PASS members can have full access to Green Zone Fitness gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week outside of the FIT30 class hours. Your cell phone will unlock the front door allowing you to take advantage of all weight-training equipment, cardio machines, the grass/turf area, TRXs, kettlebells, stability balls and Bosu trainers. Click below to view the open gym schedule.

Open Gym Schedule

Green Zone Fitness Open Gym Hours