Is Your Muscle Building Potential Limited by Your Genes?

Is Your Muscle Building Potential Limited By Your Genes1

There are traits handed down to us by our parents and our ability to grow muscles beyond certain limits is no exception. That doesn’t mean to say hard work and carefully planned training won’t have a positive effect on your physique – it just means that some people will inherit a greater abundance of the…

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Dangers of Fad Dieting

Dangers Fad Dieting

Almost everywhere you turn, fad diets are appearing (Keto, South Beach, Zone, Paleo, Mediterranean, Liquid Diets). They often deliver results, but at what cost? Is there a healthier but still effective option? You’re joining your friend for lunch. She looks great. She’s shed the extra twenty pounds that she’s been carrying since college, and she’s…

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Whole Foods vs Supplements for Muscle Gain

Whole Food Vs Shakes For Muscle Gain3

After many years of spending hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on supplements without seeing results, many have finally realized that they are a waste of money. Yet, many are still confused if the supplements that are sold as “meal replacements”, “weight gainers”, “natural supplements”, and “amino acids” are better to take for shedding fat…

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Eating Before and After Exercise

Eating Before And After Exercise2

We exercise to maintain good health but often times forget about the importance of nutrition. Proper nutrition is key so that your body has the energy to perform tough workouts as well as for everyday tasks. What you eat before and after your workouts will affect the quality of your training sessions and post workout…

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Why You Should Get a Massage

Why You Should Get A Massage4

We are giving busy people everywhere permission to schedule a personal massage. Why? There are many reasons that you, no matter who you are, should be getting a massage regularly. One of the biggest and most obvious reasons that a massage should be a regular part of your life is because of how relaxing and…

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Boost Your Metabolism Card With Colorful Background With Defocused Lights

#1 Don’t Skip Breakfast The morning meal jump starts your metabolism and helps to prevent bingeing later in the day.  A cup of coffee does not count – the caffeine and added sugar may give you a bit of energy and suppress your appetite for a little while.  However,  it is sure to back fire…

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What Does It Take to Lose Body Fat?

3 Simple Steps To Lose Body Fat

To lose body fat, you need to incorporate sheer simplicity, plus ultimate science because understanding how to lose body fat comprises your awareness of BOTH concepts. Now is the time to prepare your heart and mind for non-stop challenge, consistent focus, and utmost care. You are here seeking some viable remedy, correct? Our time together…

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Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Mom Fit Pic

When you’re busy balancing work, kids, and home life in general, you might feel that there’s not enough time in the day for health and fitness. The word “exercise” just doesn’t seem to fit into your vocabulary. But there’s good news. With just a little daily commitment, you can achieve good health and fitness in…

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5 Steps to Starting Your Exercise Routine

Sara Ryan

Often times the biggest hurdle to exercising is knowing how to start.  Everyone knows they have to do something to get in shape but what is that something and how do I fit it in my crazy schedule?  The abundance of information on health and fitness available to us can be overwhelming.  So much that…

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