8 Week Summer Strength, Conditioning & Agility Program

What you do during the summer has a big impact on your performance during the school year and during the season of your preferred sport! Do you want to go back to school stronger, faster and better than your previous year? Take this free time to work hard and improve!

We created this coed 8 week summer training program for high school athletes of all sports that want to become STRONGER THAN THEY WERE YESTERDAY! The program is designed to increase strength, power, speed, agility, balance, conditioning and flexibility.

What to expect:

These small group training workouts (limit 6 people) will be 90 minutes Monday through Thursday and will incorporate a variety of exercises that will improve speed, agility, strength, balance and cardiovascular conditioning. Every workout will include a foam rolling and stretching routine to increase flexibility, muscle recovery and injury prevention. Workouts will include strength training equipment, cardio machines, cone drills, speed ladder, sled push and more!


Date: Monday-Thursday starting June 7th and ending on July 29th.

Time: 10am-11:30am


$100 per week or all 8 weeks for $720. Members of the gym get an additional 10% off.

First come first serve. Contact us to reserve your spot today!

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