Build a Better Body with Sprints

Sprint workouts are one of the BEST fat burning workouts you can do! Sprints will not only help you burn calories, shed fat and build muscle but the positive effects of sprints are seen even AFTER your workout is finished.

study done by Colorado State University gave subjects a maintenance diet for three days.  On one of the days they did 2.5 minutes of sprints on a stationary bike.  It was determined the subjects burned an extra 200 calories on the day they did the sprints.

The sprint workout had the participants pedal as fast as possible on a stationary bicycle at a high resistance for five 30-second periods, each separated by four-minute periods of recovery in which they pedaled slowly with very little resistance. During the intense, 30-second bouts, the researchers coached the volunteers over an intercom system, encouraging them to give 100 percent effort.

The workout was 22.5 minutes with only 2.5 minutes of muscle with sprints

“Interval training stresses energy systems in the body that aren’t accustomed to being used,” says Jeramie Hinojosa, M.S., director of the East Texas Medical Center Olympic Center.  “Blood supply to cells increases, the cells use oxygen more efficiently, and the enzymes that help create energy also increase.  This improves fitness.”

The warm up is important!  Before a sprint workout (or ANY workout), hit a light jog for a few minutes (if you’re sprinting on a field like a soccer or football field, you can jog 1-2 laps around the outside).   Jumping rope for 2-3 minutes would be another warm-up option.

You can build on your sprint workouts as you improve your overall fitness level. While your speed will get faster and your distance will get longer, it is important not to perform this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as an endurance workout!  If performing correctly, a sprint HIIT workout is QUICK and INTENSE!

Keep in mind, serious sprint workouts are similar to intense weight training sessions for the legs, so your body will need time to recover.  Given the intensity of this type of workout, it should only be done 2 to 3 times per week.  Remember, your body makes all of its progress during the recovery times, SO DO NOT OVER TRAIN!

There are numerous ways to perform sprinting sessions and High Intensity Interval Training.  There can be variations in the work to rest ratio, rest intervals, number of interval ‘set’s, exercises involved, etc.

Sample Sprint HIIT Routine:

2 min warm up – walk or light jog

1 min – run 6.0

20 sec – sprint 8.0

30 sec recovery – jog 5.0

20 sec – sprint 8.5

30 sec recovery – jog 5.0

1 min run – 6.0

Repeat 2-3 times

Cool down 2 min

*Intensity can be modified with speed

We incorporate this type of training with our clients to ensure maximum results in a short amount of time!  All of our workouts are custom designed for our individual clients goals and level of fitness.  No gym?  No problem!  We can design effective HIIT workouts to be done at home using the equipment you have available to you!

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