Why Online Training is Right for You

You can walk into any gym across the country and hire a personal trainer.  So why are so many people switching to the internet for their workout guidance? And does it really work?  There are many online programs to choose from so it is important to select one that is tailored to your body and your goals.  Below are 5 reasons why clients decided online training with Green Zone Health & Fitness was right for them… and why it may be right for you too!

  1. Science Based Workouts– Your workouts are custom created around proven science based training variables to help you achieve your goals. We utilize a variety or training variables: HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), sets (cluster, drop, super, power, negatives, pyramids, giant), circuits, pulses, plyometrics, cardio, rest times, frequency of sessions and rep ranges throughout our workout programs.  It is time to stop guessing what you should be doing in the gym and start KNOWING what you should be doing in the gym!
  1. No Time Restrictions– Train when it is convenient for you instead of when it is convenient for your trainer. Turn on our mobile app and follow your custom workout plan any time of the day! If you have any questions about an exercise watch the provided video demonstration or send us a message on the apps messenger.Sara Wilhelm Online Training
  1. Accountability– All of our online training clients have access to a workout calendar that shows which workout we want you to follow. We see your FitBit/Myfitness Pal data (if paired) and we see when completed workouts (including any personal records set!)  Our app includes a text messenger so we can answer any of your questions and keep you motivated!
  1. Train Effectively Anywhere– We will create a science based plan to help you CRUSH your fitness goal with the equipment you have available to you. We have clients that travel often and need hotel workouts, clients that only have access to dumbbells, bodyweight exercise only clients and clients that train in large gyms. We create the most EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE workout plan around any training environment!
  1. Cost Effective– Online training will allow you to save hundreds of dollars per month compared to in-person training. Most gyms charge $50 to $80 per session and that doesn’t typically include a program for the days when you’re not with the trainer.  You can get an entire month of online custom workouts for less than the price of ONE personal training session!

Ryan Vowell Personal Trainer

Not all online programs are the same!  Most of the “6 Week Challenges” or “30 Day Slim Down” programs are created to allow easy mass distribution and do not take into account YOUR SPECIFIC needs, level of fitness or lifestyle.  After you fill out our detailed fitness and lifestyle questionnaire we create your custom workout and meal plan (depending on package chosen) that can easily be followed on our IOS/Android mobile app!

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