What to Expect from Your Green Zone Trainer

With hundreds of personal trainers to choose from, all claiming they can help you achieve your fitness goals, how do you decide who will be the right fit for YOU?  At Green Zone Health & Fitness we have taken the guesswork out of this difficult decision.  Our team of elite trainers are highly skilled and extremely effective at creating the best workouts anywhere – in your home, at your gym or even outside!


What Differentiates Our Trainers:


Professionalism – Your nationally certified and background checked Green Zone trainer will arrive ON-TIME and in a Green Zone uniform.  Excellent communication skills are essential for Green Zone Trainers, which means they will effectively be able to articulate training instructions while staying engaged in your workout (no cell phone, etc.).

Custom Designed Fitness Plan – Our trainers are experienced at creating personalized training plans based on your goals and individual needs.  Whether you are new to exercise, an advanced athlete or somewhere in between, your trainer will create challenging, creative and effective workouts to meet your goals.

Macro Coaching – More than just your personal trainers, we also help with nutrition guidance.  All the hard work that goes into your exercising needs to be supported in the kitchen.  We are here to help guide you!

Creative Workouts – By staying up to date on the latest fitness industry information, trends and techniques our trainers provide the highest quality service to our clients.  Green Zone workouts are NOT cookie cutter workouts!  Expect to challenge your body and have fun while doing it!

We Bring Everything – Green Zone Health & Fitness provides an upscale personal training service for those who have busy lives, are intimidated by the gym or just enjoy the outdoors.  We bring the gym to you!  There is no need to purchase a gym membership or expensive workout equipment.  Our highly skilled trainers will give you the best workout anywhere!


What to Expect from Your First Session:


All of your training sessions will be 45 minutes except for your first session.  Your first session with your Green Zone trainer will be 60 minutes and consist of the following:

10 Minutes – Fill out essential paperwork (health questionnaire, waiver, etc.)

10 Minutes – Discuss your personal fitness goals

15 Minutes – Fitness assessment (movement tests, cardio test, measurements)

20 Minutes – Intro workout

5 Minutes – Schedule future appointments


Contact us to get started TODAY!

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