John’s Transformation Story

Gz Transformations John Before

What was life like BEFORE you worked with Green Zone?

Before working with Green Zone, we had been busy for the first year with our first newborn daughter. Our meals and schedules were completely off and a lot of our own nutrition was an afterthought along with general exercise, as spare time was generally spent resting! Fast-forward a few months and it wasn’t until I found myself needing to increase my pants size that I realized I needed to make a change for myself in order to keep up with our kids. My cholesterol and triglycerides came back high in a blood test and I was pushing 200 lbs. Feeling out of shape and lethargic all the time, I knew it wasn’t a trend I wanted to continue on.

What was life like during your time with Green Zone?

Green Zone was great and worked on meal planning and suggestions that were easy to keep up with and actually manageable. Creating a new, better diet had me already losing weight and feeling better. It was a struggle at first but the hardest part was adopting an exercise routine. Green Zone offered great suggestions and instructions to get me on track with a great regiment and I was able to quickly overcome the hurdle to get to the gym on a regular basis. Sara and Ryan have a great outlook and always offered awesome support to keep progress going. Over the course of a couple of months of eating right and exercising, I had lost about 30 lbs and was feeling better than I did in my 20’s.

Gz Transformations John After

What was life like AFTER your time with Green Zone?

I don’t know where I would have been without changing my direction.  I tried a few quick diet attempts and it wasn’t sustainable and you get bored with the “magic” nutrition shakes real quick. Working with Green Zone, I realized the quick fads are only for short-term gains and you really have to take long-term, sustainable steps to adopt a better lifestyle nutritionally and physically. It took time and effort that was well worth the results and has resulted in a completely different outlook on life. More importantly, we’ve changed our ways to be more nutrition conscience as a family and I’m proud our girls will have a healthy upbringing, in addition to being able to keep up with them! Hitting the gym has become a part of the regular routine and it’s therapeutic as opposed to a hassle. It’s been great partnering with Green Zone and can’t recommend working with them enough!

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